Monday, May 23, 2011

Too cute to wait

First off, I made my first fondant covered cake this weekend! I was happy with how it turned out, and hopefully I will get to sample a piece to see how the fondant worked with the cake. That post will have to be on hold though as I am having some technical difficulties with my camera. My uncle was nice enough to donate a very nice camera to me (I am sure you are all bummed that there will be no more cell phone pictures) but I have the wrong cord, so the pictures of the cake are temporarily unavailable. So due to that, I thought I would give a quick update on some fondant work I did.

These things were just too freaking cute, I couldn't wait until morning to post about them quick. I had seen these on a couple of blogs and for some reason I got the kick to try them out tonight.

Seriously, I was watching TV and I just jumped up and gathered up all my tools to make these. I don't have anything to put them on/decorate with them. I was in a weird mood today apparently. I had a lot of leftover fondant from the cake I covered, so I broke it into sections and did some coloring.
I colored my own pearls!

I made the head and took a very small piece of blue and put a blue pearl in the middle to resemble the "nook".
Since I still don't have any edible markers, I just made little indents for the eyes. Putting together the body was really simple and is able to look ugly since I knew I was going to cover it up.

Working with fondant is pretty much like working with play dough, which makes even art-challenged people such as myself feel like they are more talented. :D I could have probably gotten away with skipping the arms entirely by giving it a different look with the blanket, but I went for it anyway.

I just cannot get over how cute these are. I mean the little feet are sticking out and the nook... I think I let out an annoying girly squeal whenI was finished. Of course, where there is a baby boy, there has to be a baby girl.

I accidentally gave it a dent instead of an eye. Oops

A boy and a girl, the set was complete. These were very rough practice figurines, but I still am totally in love with this concept. They were already cute , but then I had to go and keep trying to make them cuter.
I added "hair" to the baby girl with a pink pearl to act as a clip.

I hated it. It looks like poop on her head.

I left the boy alone, only adding one little blue pearl to his blanket.

I also added a few white pearls to the girls blanket and gave it some texture.

Is there a pregnant person out there that wants to be my guinea pig for these cupcakes? Anyone?

Ok well either way I have to make up some more of these and use them to top some cupcakes! I hope to have the cake pictures off the camera in a few days so stay tuned for that.

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Joy Seidel said...

So fun Bri! If you were in CO I'd call you up right away. I have plenty of baby showers that need fancy cupcakes!