Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick fix for a chocolate craving

There are certain times where most of us just need a chocolate fix, am I right? Tonight was one of those nights for me. I wasn't going to post these, but they are pretty cute and a good substitute for shoving a whole candy bar in your mouth.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still here!

Since getting this job and working so much, I can't help but wonder how these other bloggers do it! Work all day and still seem to update their blogs in a regular basis. Once I get home and go to the gym, I am so exhausted! So good for you guys =]

I promise I am going to get back into the kitchen this week and get some things baked up. Until then, feel free to take a look at the things I have gotten to do at work =]

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Work and class update

Well last night I finished up the 2nd Wilton course at a local craft store. I made about 40 RI roses and did a basket weave on the sides of the cake.

I was much happier with how my final cake for the first course turned out, but this one was ok too.

I honestly was a little burnt out yesterday, so I didn't really come up with a great idea for the final cake. I did get a lot of rose practice in and I am getting a lot more comfortable doing them.
So that is the class more Wilton classes until September.


Oh man, I am just in love with my decorating job it is not even funny. Since I started I had just been icing cakes and doing boarders on them, until today. Today I got to do my first flower cakes (which are a big deal because they are more expensive and popular)

This one with roses

These were just drop flowers, but I really liked the color combination!

I thought this one was just really fun. The flower in the middle, which I didn't make, was gum paste.

I think they are slowly going to have me start doing orders and continue to do flower cakes as well. I have so much creative freedom this job, I just need to be confident and go with it =]
I hope to have an actual baking update soon, but this past week has just been crazy with work and other things!

Have a great week everyone =]