Monday, June 6, 2011

Tiny Brownie Pops!

I never intended to make these, I actually am going to blame these little guys on boredom. Sometimes for me, boredom can make me want to snack. A lot. This particular night when I opened my cupboard, the only thing that stared back at me was a box of brownie mix. Well, it may have been the only thing I wanted to see!

Yup, this one.

Since my sweet tooth seemed to be in overdrive that night, I threw the mix together and baked them up. When they were done I stared at the pan and was overcome with dissatisfaction. I, somehow, had to make these look and taste more appealing. I needed something interesting. So my mind wandered back to this entry and a light bulb illuminated. Brownie pops! Of course I was not the first to think of this idea. All of the recipes I found used frosting to hold the crumpled brownies together, which was a problem since I didn't have any. Luckily I had some marshmallow fluff sitting on the shelf just asking to finally be used.

The biggest difference I noticed when making these compared to cake pops was that the brownies were much more moist, so I barely had to use any fluff. I used just enough to give a nice swirl effect to the brownie balls.

After I balled them all up, Josh suggested making them smaller like the whopper candy. That made them much more bite size (and yes, even cuter) and made many more pops! I cut that size in half, then half again to get the size I wanted.

I froze them for around a half hour before dipping and only took 3 out at a time.

This step still makes no sense to me. You are suppose to dip the stick in frosting them insert it. All of the chocolate gets pushed down when you do this and when you coat it in the chocolate, this seals it on the stick. For some reason I still dip the stick in first. Can't hurt, right?

Let the excess drip off and the pop is complete.

Of course, I ran out of sticks. To solve this problem I made the rest into pop-ables. That is my name for being able to just "pop them into your mouth." Please maintain your laughter.

I cut my own sticks, that is why there is a lot of variation in height.

Making them so small yielded SO many! This was barely half of the brownie mix. I had made some larger ones for my cousin which took up most of the mix and I was still able to get all of these pops. Honestly, I preferred the brownie pops over the cake pops. The frosting that you mix into the cake makes them too sweet and since I used only a small amount of fluff in the brownie pops, they were not overly sweet. They also held shape a lot better, which is because brownie mix is a lot more moist and dense. I wonder if fluff would work for the cake pops? Something to try...

Have a good week everyone!


joshc said...
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finnyme said...

I mean, it was your idea to make them that small :)and I love you!

Eftychia said...

These tiny pops look delicious and so cute! My kids would love them!