Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Another birthday cake! I would have put a picture of my bestest friend holding his cake, but I am sick of seeing boys taking up so much space on my blog. Where's the love ladies? It's cool. I get it. So, my very best friend turned the big 2-6 on November 1st. I know. Totally not cool enough to be born on Halloween. hahaha. Since I have begun to get semi-decent at this whole cake decorating things, I have been ever so excited to make Tim's cake. Why? Because he has pretty much the coolest job ever. He works at Game Informer. So he gets his hands on all the latest and greatest games and gets to rub it in our less fortunate faces. "Oh you don't have the new Mario for 3Ds?? I do...look how cool it is!! muahahahaha" Yeah, that is Tim. =] But seriously, go check him out here for a chance to pick his brain about video games.
Ok, where was I?

Yes, yes the cake. There was never a doubt that this was going to be a Mario cake. I just had to decide how I was going to do it. I was lacking faith in myself with the fondant work, so I decided to take the frosting route again.

So there is all of the frosting characters made and assembled on the cake. The green tunnel is actually a cupcake that I frosted and placed on top of the cake. Yes, it is missing something, Mario! So I went to Target in search of the Mario figurine that would tie the whole cake together. 6$!? For a tiny Mario figurine?!? You are killing me Nintendo! =] Luckily I can predict the future. Last Christmas I bought that same figurine for Tim. So I called him up and expressed how important it was for him to bring it over.

Cake wouldn't have been complete without that little guy!
So we all had a good dinner and also celebrated my sister's birthday. Cutting into a cake that takes awhile to complete will never get easier.

Alone again.
To be honest, the cake looked a lot better in my mind. There was obviously a lot of room for improvement with the cake, but Tim loved it, and that was all that mattered. The happiness that desserts bring to people will never get old for me.
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM! Here's to hoping your 27th birthday cake will be even more epic!

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Amanda(: said...

Do you have a good buttercream recipe? The one's I find are horrible.. What is the recipe you use for the cakes at the bakery?