Wednesday, October 26, 2011

26th Birthday Cake

It took me quite sometime to come up with this idea. Now that I am officially a decorator, I couldn't just use the easy way out like the last two birthdays...Bylerys cake the first year (gross and expensive) and a Cold Stone ice cream cake last year (good but WAY expensive). Josh likes a lot of stuff, however, most of if it pretty detailed and things that I would have to do with edible images and not out of frosting. Boring. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a show on AdultSwim that he really likes, so that was that.

This cake was a time consuming one for me. I did each character out of frosting, but I did piped them onto wax paper first so I wouldn't risk messing up the whole cake. The cake itself was just a white cake filled with strawberries with both chocolate and white whipped frosting. Gross, I know. =]
These are the pictures I found online and what I had to go off of.

Wax paper base

I started with the cup and it took me the longest, I think my nerves really got to me with the first character.

Cup completed. Instead of doing the straw out of frosting, I used a real one. It looked better and there was no risk of it breaking off.
Meatwad! This is my favorite character (too cute) and was the easiest to do..hard to mess up a wad of meat.

Last but not least...Frylock. I saved the fries for after because I knew they would break off and would be much harder to transport onto the cake.

I went back and sprayed meatwad with some brown so he looked a little bit more meaty.

Overall, I was really pleased with how these guys turned out. Into the deep freezer they went! 
Next was the cake assembly.
I used chocolate whipped frosting for the sides of the pool. Plus the chocolate whipped frosting is oh so delicious!


I went around the edge with chocolate buttercream to fill in the gaps from the top and the side, plus it added a nice rim to the pool.

They came off the wax paper very easily and went onto the cake with no problems.

I added the "fries" to Frylock after I placed him on the cake. The other 2 I was able to make stand up a bit.

my writing is slowly but surely getting better!

Josh wanted the ladder piece

All of the characters came off, and the cake was devoured, I mean, cut into. Mmm strawberry.

Sad. I really am dreading throwing them one really wanted to eat 3 huge globs of frosting though. Oh well =]

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trapt-princess said...

That cake turned out pretty darn saweet if I do say so myself ;) I feel like I played a tiny part in it. Yay for random suggestions! :D