Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello out there!

I'm back, finally! I hope all of my readers are well (if there are any still out there!). Things have been pretty hectic for me, which does not make up for my lack of updating. However, the things I have been baking have all been repeats and I don't want to bore you. =]

moreA couple weeks ago I found an occasion to make a cake. My mother met Tom last May and he has since become an important part of our family. He is an avid curler and had a tournament recently. The team didn't win first place, but I am sure the fun he had is more important than winning anyway. So I iced and filled a chocolate 1/8th sheet, which was the perfect size to pull off this design. I have to admit, I had to do some research on this cake; I had no idea what a curling rink looked like. Thankfully, my art skills (or lack thereof) were not tested too rigorously. I did all of the accents out of fondant/gumpaste...

I let the pieces dry for a few days, then went back and painted them and let them dry for a couple more. When it came time to make the rock (NOT ball, hehe) I made the handle into 2 pieces, which was a terrible decision, but thankfully it stayed intact.

Last Friday I went back home before Tom and my mom got home, and I set up the cake so he would be surprised when they walked in the door.

Those were supposed to be brooms. Yikes, I know.

The whole cake was finished off with my new favorite product..

The Wilton pearl spray. Almost as good as having your own airbrush!
Tom was surprised to see the cake and we all enjoyed a piece together. It was a fun cake to create, and an important one for me. This blog isn't a diary, but I am excited for the road ahead and thankful to have Tom in our family.

I promise I wont wait so long to update next time!

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