Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chocolate + Baileys could never be a bad combination

After a few batches of chocolate chip cookies, I was ready to try something new. So I browsed through some ideas, and I came across chocolate truffles. They seemed pretty simple to make, and candy was something I had never attempted before.
 Chopped up semi sweet baking chocolate

All of the chocolate with the butter

I had to temper the chocolate with a double boiler (which I obviously don't have) so I had to get crafty and and use a pan and a glass bowl. (it actually wasn't crafty, it was a tip in the recipe)

Once it was all nice and smooth, it was time to add the Baileys (I used one of the small "airplane" bottles)

All poured out and ready to get firm in the fridge (1 batch was with Baileys, the other was just chocolate)

I covered the Baileys truffles with a pinch of sea salt instead of rolling them in coco powder, and I topped the regular truffles with a little powdered sugar

I have to say, my first truffle attempt turned out pretty well. I was a bigger fan of the Baileys than the regular chocolate (weird) but both were good. The biggest complaint I have about making these is scooping them into the cupcake liners. The chocolate is pretty messy to work with - my hands were totally covered by the time I was done. Also, I got tired of scooping all that melted chocolate pretty quickly. However, they were easy and pretty tasty. If I would have felt more motivated, I could have coated them in another layer of chocolate to give them that nice hard shell on the outside. Maybe next time :)

Thanks to "My Baking Addiction" for the recipe. 
Click here for the recipe!

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