Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guinness Cupcakes

For the first few months of having my KitcehnAid, I was unable to make cupcakes due to the fact that my piping stuff was at my mom's house (Ok, I could have made them...but they wouldn't have had piped frosting like I wanted). Luckily after I came back from vacation, I was able to bring those items back with me.
I got back from Maui the day before St. Patty's day so when I came across this recipe for Guinness Cupcakes with vanilla butter cream, I knew I had to try out.

I am not a Guinness fan at all! In fact, Josh had made me try it the day before and I thought it was totally disgusting. But I had to make some sort of beer infused dessert....

Here is the batter...the Guinness gave it a really different (but good) chocolaty smell.

I was pretty happy when these came out of the oven..they looked pretty perfect and smelled AMAZING! 

Next I had to mix up the ingredients for the frosting. I had never attempted to make a butter cream frosting before, and I was nervous about it since the frosting can make-or-break the cake.
Here it is getting mixed much powdered sugar!

All frosted
I thought these cupcakes were awesome! The cake part wasn't too sweet, and what it lacked in sweetness the frosting made up for. I thought my piping went ok.. didn't look too pretty but it looked better than just using a knife. Usually I cut all of these recipes in half (making about 12 instead of 24) so I don't have too many cupcakes lying around my apartment tempting me. 

Overall, these were a hit and I will definitely be making them again.

Recipe, again, thanks to "My Baking Addiction."

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