Thursday, June 16, 2011

Premade fondant=yuck. Homemade fondant=marshmallowy goodness!

I feel like I have been a big tease with the "no more cell phone picture" topic, but I am happy to announce that it is finally true! My friend Mark found a memory card reader for me, so now I can easily pull the pictures off an ACTUAL camera!! Since I now have this device, I can finally update on what was stuck in the camera.

I am going to start off with fondant. Yes, we all know and love it. Actually, this is not true, a lot of people are not fondant fans, and even more have never tried it. I feel like I have a reason why. During one of my baking courses, we had to buy store-bought, pre-made fondant. Since I had never had fondant before, the first thing I wanted to do was eat some (just like a kid with play-dough) to see what it tasted like. Bleh... This stuff was not good. It actually kind of tasted like play-dough, and not in a good way. Plus, the pre-made fondant was $10! No way could I afford or would want to spend my money to keep using that stuff. It was time to try making my own. What? You think fondant is too tricky to attempt? Not at all.

Here is what it takes to make some:
A bag of mini marshmallows (16oz)
Crisco (1/2 Cup)
Water (3 Tbls)
Powdered sugar (2LBS + more for work surface)
Flavoring (optional) I used some Malibu Rum in my first batch and almond in my second. I personally thought almond tasted better

What are the chances in not having most or all of that laying around in the kitchen? If you choose to add flavoring to the fondant, sub it for some or all of the water. For example, I wanted to use some Malibu in my first batch so instead of using 3 TBLS water, I used 2 TBLS rum and 1 TBLS water.

First get your crisco and powdered sugar in your mixing bowl. They say to sift the powdered sugar, but I never do so it is your call. Next, the marshmallows go in a microwave-safe bowl with the 3 TBLS of water/flavoring poured on them. 1:30 seconds and they are ready.

Stir them around so the less melted marchmallows get incorporated as well as the liquid. Then pour them on top of the powdered sugar and Crisco in the mixer.

The dough hook will be your best friend for this. Start mixing on LOW, otherwise you will have a big white cloud in your kitchen. Yes, I may be speaking from experience. *cough* I was covered in powdered sugar *cough* Mix until it is well incorporated. Once it is, take it out of the bowl on your dusted surface and start working those muscles! The fondant will need to be kneaded until in becomes smooth and loses its stickiness.

Yeah, it takes some time. Once you have kneaded it enough, double wrap it in plastic wrap. Simple as that.

It can sit on the counter for a couple weeks, or in your fridge for a bit longer. You will have to re-knead it regardless once you are ready to use it.

The result is amazing, tasty fondant! The Malibu flavor was decent, but almond is my favorite so far. There are just too many variations you can do with flavoring! You can either color it all at once, or break it into sections and color it as you need. More on that to come on my next post!

Stay tuned for the highly anticipated fondant cake entry!! =]
Also, here is a VERY helpful video tutorial on making fondant!

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