Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Advice needed!!

I was sitting here pondering to myself about how to get my name out there a bit. Is it a good idea to go around to local businesses and give them a few cupcakes to enjoy? I figured I could include my info (as well as a list of ingredients) and at least add some sweetness to some peoples day. To people that work at legit businesses, it this a good idea or no? I just don't want to waste my time if people can't take baked goods from people or something. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!


anelson112 said...

Go for it, we have had people drop off cupcakes at our office with a note, business card and a suggestion card. She did something neat with hers too, she package them in small canning jars with a ribbon tied on (cut rounds of cake from a sheet pan, dollop of frosting, then round of cake followed by a dollop of frosting and a small round of wax/parchment paper on top then sealed up the jars) They were tasty and not messy at all!

finnyme said...

Thanks Ash! I have seen that, super cute! It is a good idea too, thank you!!