Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baileys chocolate chip cupcakes with Baileys buttercream

Well it has been a few weeks at least since I have updated ! I baked these cupcakes for our Labor Day weekend outing. My family + significant others are going to a resort "up north" which as of last year is a new family tradition. This year we decided to do a "tasting menu" on one of the nights, so everyone is responsible for a dish. I, of course, got the dessert course. What a perfect opportunity to try out these Baileys Irish Cream chocolate chip cupcakes with buttercream frosting!

This was also the first time in awhile that I had really done anything from scratch. Frosting of course, but cakes I usually cheat at unless it is a special flavor. These cupcakes were not from a box =]

Batter with the chocolate chunks folded in. The batter was pretty thick.

I love Baileys, but not enough to spend the money on it, so I go with the generic =]


These are the tasting menu ones. They look really dense....

Baileys buttercream

No, I am not really an organized baker! Well, maybe I am and our kitchen is just too small? Probably the former.

First time doing some chocolate piping. I wanted to make the tasting menu ones "pretty"

Silver sanding sugar

Chocolate designs on. It took awhile...after doing 1, they would start to melt in my hands so I had to take a lot of breaks. They are "B's" and little swirls. They are okay for the first attempt!

My pearls got some use finally!

I thought these were really elegant looking. The color or the cakes and the frosting were really similar, but not in a boring way (to me anyways).

The pearls added a perfect little elegant touch!

I am trying out some new angles with the camera. Attempting to make the pictures not all look the same. I'll get there...

I am serving a shot of Baileys to go with these cupcakes. Everyone has to have a drink/wine that goes with their course so what else would go better with these? I said earlier that they looked really dense coming out of the oven, but surprisingly they were really light and airy. The flavor of the Baileys comes out perfectly. Not too strong or subtle. It is like taking out the middle man when having a Baileys with some cake. I loved this recipe and I will for sure be trying it again. I think it would be even better in cake form.

Give this one a try, here's the recipe.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend! Is anyone eating anything exciting?

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