Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The big issue: Salty or sweet?

Salty VS sweet...I think they should start debating that issue during the elections, it's a pretty big deal. Luckily, I am happy being in the middle of this issue. I am more than content eating a bag of chips, OR a cake. Maybe I should start eating cake with chips on top...hmm...

This past Sunday was Mother's day, hopefully you all knew that. However, it also marked the 4 year anniversary of my dad passing away. Sticking to tradition, we went to a cop bar, Alarys, in St. Paul and spent the night celebrating my dad.

At some point during the night, my uncle Greg shared that he was a bit jealous at the fact he has never made an appearance on my blog. So I asked the usual question, "what kind of cake would you love to have?" He replied with the typical Findley response, "To be honest, I would rather just have a bag of chips."
The wheels started turning immediately.
Yesterday was my last day working as a cake decorator at Cashwise. I now go on a different pastry path being a pastry assistant at a restaurant in the cities. Very exciting! Obviously I was not going to be doing any real work on my last day, so I spent it making my uncle's cake.

I took a half sheet marble cake, trimmed it in a bag like shape and filled it with Bavarian cream. I wanted it to be a really good cake, but not as sweet. Therefore, I used the whipped frosting instead of the buttercream. I also tried to carve in some shapes and shadows that my reference picture showed. I was getting frustrated, the cake just wasn't shaping up how I wanted it to. But alas, my trusty sous cake decorator, Heather, told me to get it sprayed and go from there.

 Heather is so smart. As soon as I got the color on the cake, it started to look more chip like.

 I, of course, had to add some "over the hill" humor to the cake. The date on the bottom was Heather's idea, I loved it! I also had to add the "213". That was my dad's badge number, and it also happens to be Greg's badge number as well. It's makes my tattoo extra special.

After work, I drove out to surprise Greg with his cake. I actually just REALLY wanted a piece of it. Win win. :D

 The cake was a hit, and it was so much fun to make. I am also very happy that my first faithful reader of my blog now has his own entry. Love you so much!!

OH and I am starting to think that cake decorating may run in the Findley Family. My little cousin Ali made her very own cake for her dad. Piping gel and everything! I think her writing is even better then mine...look out cake decorating world! :)

Again, Happy Birthday Uncle Greg! 

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Uncle said...

You are gonna make me misty! Thank you very much. It was awesome and means so much. I love you. 213