Friday, April 1, 2011

A chocolate-loaded cupcake that is not excessively sweet

A chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips in the batter AND chocolate cream cheese frosting?! Chocolate overload? Yes... but in a delicious way. To start off, I am a huge HUGE dessert fan. At a restaurant, whenever the server asks if we would like dessert, my family laughs and looks in my direction because they know I am powerless to the dessert menu. The point of that story is that I have had my fair share of overly sweet desserts. They are always very tasty, but something you can only eat a couple bites of (unless you are me and still demolish the entire thing).

So when I was looking for my next cupcake recipe, I was a little skeptical on the chocolaty sweetness of these cupcakes. I was actually pretty excited to attempt these since I had yet to make a cream cheese based frosting.

Here is the batter. Again, instead of using chocolate chips I opted for chopping up semi sweet baking chocolate. The batter tasted awesome, and went they were baking in the oven my whole apartment smelled so good!
The consistency of these cakes was almost brownie like. They were really heavy and dense but still melted in my mouth.

Yes, I am aware that these are not the prettiest cupcakes (my roommates said the frosting looked a bit like cat poop) but they were delicious!
I am so glad I gave these a try! I am also glad I only made a half batch, otherwise I know I would have eaten all 24 of them. If you give these a try, I would suggest using a really wide tip for piping and just sort of dollop (yes I just used that word) the frosting on so it looks prettier. Again, these are not at all overly sweet. I think these would definitely please everyone.

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