Sunday, April 10, 2011

Something delicious, easy, and pretty darn cute!

After making the cake pops (which I thought were pretty adorable) I really wanted to make something else.."mini" So I went back to the same blog (Bakerella) and found an idea for mini pies.

Apple pie is pretty much my favorite pie; the only thing I look forward to during the holidays is my mom's apple pie. She makes it from scratch and I honestly have not had a better slice of pie. It was a pretty easy decision to use apple as filling for these little delights, but even though they may be adorable, they in no way would live up to my mom's!

This is all is took for me to complete this. I took the easy way out!

I used a Pampered Chef tool to get the crusts the right size

A little smaller for the tops (I just used a glass to make these)

I used a regular sized cupcake pan for the pie molds

Here they are filled with the canned apple topping (I added a little extra sugar to the topping)
Here is my attempt at being decorative...yes, I even attempted a lattice top. They never fail to give me trouble!

All done!

For using a boxed pie crust and canned topping, these were actually really tasty! The crust didn't get very brown but it was still flaky and light. The tops of the pies didn't stick to the base very well, but with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, who would need to know? I think next time I try these, I would use a smaller pan to make them more bit- sized, but for under 3$ these turned out surprisingly tasty.

Now what other tiny desserts can I make?
Stay tuned!


Cindy said...

These look really good Bri! It fun to follow you.

Alona said...

I wonder if you sprayed/coated them with some kind of sugary glaze or butter something they'd turn more golden? I have no clue.... but they still looked good!