Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first disaster

It had to happen eventually, right?

Making these cupcakes started off innocent enough, I found the recipe for pina colada cupcakes here. I made some changes though...instead of draining the pineapple slightly, I drained it all of the way and then added some Malibu rum to the pineapple and blended it together

The cake batter

The cakes turned out good and the pineapple flavor came out really well. You don't need to use a food processor for the pineapple, I just did because I don't like huge chunks of fruit in my cupcakes.

Here came the bad part (which I thought would turn out amazing!) The recipe for the frosting was just a basic cream cheese frosting, but I decided it would be delicious to add strawberries to the mix...
It looked really amazing...
This is where the mess came in...I put the frosting in my piping bag and OH MAN! What a freaking mess. I knew I wasn't going to be able to pipe the frosting, so I just put a thin layer on the cakes. After about a minute the frosting overflowed on the cakes and started leaking out of my piping bag. Oh joy. Sticky strawberry frosting everywhere! I have to admit though, they looked kind of cool...

So the overall result...They actually tasted really good but were not at all worth the mess. The frosting got too thinned out from the strawberries and they just became goopy messes. I would definitely make the cakes again, but I would just choose a different frosting to put on them. My first semi-disaster of I am sure many more to come!

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