Friday, April 15, 2011

Update on Class

So I realized that I have not updated on my class at Crafts Direct! I am taking 1 of 4 classes right now. The first one I am in right now is "cake decorating basics."

On the first day we didn't get to actually do anything, but the teacher did go over a lot of techniques with us and I honestly learned a lot.

Yesterday was the 2nd day and our 'homework' was to bring in a batch of frosting so we could start decorating. We did a lot of different piping techniques and practiced with them. My hand KILLED after doing them so much! We also got to decorate a picture entirely out of frosting. During the first class we picked out a picture and for the second session she brought in a larger version of it for us to decorate. I did not pick the best one and definitely drew the short straw color-wise, but here is how it turned out:

It is a little hula girl and I got to do some leaf piping on the bottom and added some little flowers. Her face is SUPER creepy with that red frosting (we didn't get to pick out color) but overall it turned out pretty well. I am going to make a cake this weekend so I can do some more practicing. I can't wait.

This four part class costs $30 and I have learned more in these two sessions then I did in my three months at Le Cordon Bleu.

I will try and keep you guys updated about the classes! Have a good weekend all and stay tuned for my future post on the cake I make/decorate this weekend :)

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